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Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines provides the valuable information about the most comprehensive list of airlines. We offer you all the possibilities to search for the flights with Aegean Airlines by just entering the dates and details about your dream destination. Our extensive network of travel partners lets us offer you the cheap and best airfares to the most trending destinations around the world. Use the link given below to browse the flight information with Aegean Airlines or use the flight search control to start a new search. When you book flights with us rest assured you will get the best cheap online flight deals which are simply the best and very easy to book.

Discover a completely unique flying experience with Aegean Airlines the flag carrier airline based in Athens. Whether you are looking for a business or want to enjoy a pleasant holiday trip with your family the network of Aegean Airlines facilitates you easy and convenient travel throughout the world. The airline provides Basic Economy, Economy - Flex and Business Classes to its passengers to fly to their desired destination.

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Aegean Airlines Informations
Full Name Aegean Airlines, S.A  
Founded 1987  
Destinations 153  
Hub Aegean Airlines operates mainly from Athens airport (ATH)  
Operations Started 36281  
Fleet Age 4.3  
Fleet size 49  
Company slogan For everything "distant" you want to bring near  
IATA Code A3  
Aegean Airlines Fleet Details
Aircraft  In Service Orders 
Airbus A319-100 1
Airbus A320-200 37
Airbus A320neo 20
Airbus A321-200 11
Airbus A321neo 10
Carry-on Baggage 8 kg  
Checked Baggage    
 Class / Passenger Type   Free Baggage Allowance   Dimensions
 Economy - GoLight  0 bags N/A
 Economy - Flex  1 piece up to 23 kg   158 cm (62 inches)
 Business  2 pieces up to 32 kg each   158 cm (62 inches)
 Miles+Bonus Gold* &  Star Alliance Gold  3 pieces 32 kg in Business or 2 pieces 23kg in Economy Flex or 1 piece 23kg in Economy GoLight   158 cm (62 inches)


Aegean Airlines (1)

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