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TAP Air Portugal

TAP Air Portugal

Tap Air Portugal the flag-carrier of Portugal is based in the capital city Lisbon. It offers domestic and regional services within the country and Europe and offers extensive international service to the destinations of North America, South America and Africa. The airline has been a member of Star Alliance since 2005 and operates 2500 flights in a week to 90 destinations in 34 countries worldwide.

Manage my bookings
After booking flights with Tap Air you want to change your book date, seat or flight and don’t know what to do it then visit www.flightoffice.co.uk. Here you find answers to all your queries. The manage my booking helps you to view and edit your booking details, reserve a particular seat, change your itinerary, request special onboard assistance if you need etc.

So don’t worry just book your flight and call us at (+44) 345 350 0100 if you need any help in manage your bookings.

Baggage allowance
There are few limits to baggage allowances if you travel by Tap Air. The maximum size for a checked bag is 158 cm, the maximum weight for the checked bag in economy class in all routes is 23 Kg and for executive class on all routes is 32 Kg. What is the baggage for baby and children that you can hold, what if you want to carry extra, what are the advantages for premium clients or what are the dangerous items that you can’t carry etc. There are so many questions that come to the mind of travellers on booking flights.

TAP Air Portugal (TP)

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