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Kinshasa is the capital and the largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo is situated alongside the Congo River. The residents of the city are known as Kinois or Kinshasans where as the indigenous people of the area include the Humbu and Teke. This Sub-Saharan African city which is fondly called as Kin is an infectious and overwhelming city which you experience rather than visit. The city is like any other African city with dismaying poverty, pollution, street hawkers and rich African vibes but Kinshasa is bigger, louder and faster and if you really want to experience the Congolese life the just fly to Kinshasa and enjoy a great holiday experience. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Kinshasa with Flight Office.

On a visit to this mega city you will surely come across so many wonderful attractions. Among them the most visited one is Musee National de Kinshasa which is an amazing ethnographic archive comprising around 45,000 objects is among the must visit attraction of the city. If you are not afraid of snakes then Serpents du Congo makes a great day out. It is an excellent snake farm which is located 28 Km from downtown Kinshasa where you come across several poisonous as well as non poisonous snakes. Prior appointment with its owner Frank is necessary to thoroughly enjoy your trip. Enjoy a day trip to Lola Ya Bonobo, a sanctuary for rescued animals and is the only institution in the world taking care of bonobos. Spreading across 30 acres of land this sanctuary offers shelter to several dozens of chimps rescued from poachers and to learn about the importance of animal conservation.

If you love picnic then spend your day at Lac Ma Vallee where you can fish, hike or paddle a boat across the scenic and calm water at Lac Ma Vallee, a pleasant man-made lake surrounded by equatorial forest. Enjoy a visit to powerful and photogenic Zongo Falls amidst lush greenery the fall is a great opportunity for photographers to capture great visuals. You must visit the Cathedrale de Kisantu, located at Kisantu and enjoy the best activities. If you are a nature lover then you surely love to visit Symphonies Naturelles which is a peaceful place situated in the heart of the city is full of plants with a little pond over there where you can relax and enjoy bird watching. If you don’t want to miss all this and much more then book best deal flight tickets to Kinshasa with and enjoy a great holiday trip.

Airline Tickets to Kinshasa (FIH) starting from just £446 GBP

Flights to Kinshasa arrive at N’Djilli Airport (FIH) which is an easy journey to the centre of the town. The major airports connecting both the cities include London Heathrow, Birmingham, and Manchester. Major airlines that offer flights to connect both the destinations is British Airways, Brussels Airways, Air France, Ethiopian, SWISS, Royal Air Maroc etc. but there are no direct flights connecting both the destinations.


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