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Flight tickets to Aalborg

Cheap flights to Aalborg


Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark. It is situated in North Denmark from one can easily access to Scandinavia and the rest of the European Union. It is like any other big city in the world but is more pleasant and offers its visitors a fantastic atmosphere to enjoy a great holiday trip. Home to remarkable architecture, a great foodie destination, a shoppers delight along with a pleasant atmosphere make it an ideal holiday destination to enjoy peaceful and rejuvenating holiday trip. So make a plan and book flights to Aalborg, a city which is evolved into a vibrant cultural hot spot with a spectacular waterfront, and is among the list of “The New York Times “is among top 10 places to go in 2019.

Major attractions in Aalborg

There is so much to see and do in this ancient city where Viking ships once sailed is now has seen massive growth in recent years and emerged as a vibrant city. Visit the beautiful Utzon Center which is among its major attractions. Located by the waterfront it is a famous venue that celebrates innovation, art and architecture through several exhibitions, education and conferences. Another eye-catching building which is an architectonic brand but Music in focus is Musikkens Hus which is a landmark building in the city. Opened in 2014 it is a place where locals gather to listen to music and to enjoy other cultural activities.

If you love nature then step in Aalborg Zoo which is the second biggest zoo in the country visited by thousands of visitors making it the popular attraction in the city. You surely love to visit the Springeren the Maritime Center to capture the glimpses of sea life and Port of Aalborg and Aalborg Shipyards. You surely love the exhibitions of more than 600 beautiful model ships, their amazing history and hours of fun. If you love visiting museums then do visit Aalborg Defence and Garrisom Museum and the Aalborg Historic Museum. Do visit the city’s tallest landmark Aalborg Tower allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.

Best time to visit Aalborg

The weather at Aalborg is mild and appealing. The best time to visit Denmark is May- June during the spring months and then September and October (fall). From June to August Aalborg has high tourist season due to summers and November to April is winter and thus low season. Most of the visitors visit the city during the spring time or in summers due to pleasant weather and they can indulge in various amazing activities as well. But the cost of accommodation and travel will be at its peak.

Airline Tickets to Aalborg (AAL) starting from just £181 GBP

There are several airlines that offer cheap and best flights from London, United Kingdom to Aalborg. Some prominent airlines include KLM, SAS, Norwegian Air International, Ryanair and British Airways. There are three direct flights from London to Aalborg. Ryanair is the major airline provides nonstop flights from London to Aalborg. If flying from London to Aalborg Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly whereas Sunday is the most expensive one.


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