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Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and its major economic Centre As well. It is also known as “The Pearl of Mediterranean“. It is not only famous for its spectacular location on the Mediterranean Sea but also for its historical value as well. The city is founded by Alexander the Great in 331BC and it became the capital of Graeco-Roman Egypt. It was also the center of learning in the ancient world and carries its name of the man who built it to rule the world thousands of years ago. Situated just 225 Km from Cairo, the ambience, rich cultural heritage and great weather make it a year-round destination not to visit but to feel. So make your plan to visit it now by booking flight tickets to Alexandria to enjoy a fabulous holiday trip. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Alexandria with Flight Office.

The attractions of Alexandria never fail to lure its visitors from all corners of the globe and today they become the tourism hotspots of the country. So start your trip with a visit to Serapeum dedicated to Serapis and built by Ptolemy III is one of the several religious centers in the city. In the past the temple was one of the most important annexes of the Great Library of Alexandria is surely a must- visit hot spot of the city. Enjoy a visit to Bibliotheca, which is one of the most famous buildings in the entire city and one of the best places to learn about the history and culture of the country. Its main reading hall can hold up to 2,000 readers at a time and it is a great place for all ages with a Science Museum and a Planetarium for children to learn and have fun. Don’t miss a visit to Montazah Palace which is renowned for its architectural brilliance. Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea along with a beautiful garden it is a great place to visit and relax to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Enjoy a visit to Pompey’s Pillar which is a historical monument in the city. It is the largest Roman column in Egypt and was erected to honor and show gratitude to the Roman Emperor. If you love adventure then the underwater landmark Cleopatra’s Palace is the perfect place for you. It is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. Do enjoy a visit to Alexandria National Museum and marvel its collection of relics, historical art and medieval weapons of its ancient wars. Enjoy a visit to Pharaonic Anfushi Tombs to marvel at the seamless blend of Greek, Roman and ancient Egyptian styles displayed within. Take a step back in time and experience the beauty and history of Alexandria. Make a way to a charming city of Alexandria, Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa to unwind its beautiful and lovely beaches and explore its amazing historical attractions and then descend three levels beneath the city Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa where more than 300 mummies were laid to rest. To explore all this and much more fly to Alexandria now and enjoy a fabulous holiday trip.

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