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Flight tickets to Luxor

Cheap flights to Luxor


Located in Upper Egypt, Luxor is the capital of Luxor Governorate. It is among the most ancient Egyptian cities which were originally called as Thebes. It is often known as the world’s greatest open- air museum. It is estimated that the city contains about one third of the most valuable monuments and antiques in the world. All this makes it one of the hot spot travel destination in the world which delight the senses if its visitors. There is so much to see and explore over here that it would take a substantial amount of time to explore its amazing attractions. So make a plan now and grab best deals on flight tickets to Luxor to enjoy its magnificent beauty. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Luxor with Flight Office.

Among the many amazing attractions for which Luxor is renowned, Temple Complex of Karnak is the most astounding and beautiful. It is the vast collection of religious structures dating back more than 4000 years. Within its precincts is the Great temple of Amun, The Temple of Khons and the Festival Temple of Tuthmosis III along with many other buildings are located over here representing the successive rulers of Egypt. Its sheer size and unbelievable number of structures make it one of the most visited attractions in the country. Do visit the famed Valley of the Kings which is a breathtakingly beautiful and one of the most historically significant and archaeological sites in the world. Till now 65 ancient tombs were discovered with the latest being in 2008. The valley is essentially a royal necropolis and was used by the rulers of Egypt for a period of about 500 years and was mainly used for burial purposes. It is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic places in the country to visit. Don’t miss a visit to Luxor Temple presiding over the modern downtown district is an ode to the changing face of Egypt through the centuries.

You just can’t afford to miss the Luxor Museum with its selected display of fine Egyptian antiques. Do visit the Valley of the Queens which was mostly belong to 19th and 20th century dynasties with a total of almost 80 tombs. Many of them are unfinished and without any decoration resembling mere caves in the rocks. Among all of them the most famous is the Tomb of Queen Nefertari and the Tomb of Prince Amen-her khopshef. Do enjoy a visit to Medinet Habu temple which is the name given to the ancient Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III located on the West Bank in Luxor. The temple dates back to the New Kingdom period and is quite famous for its well preserved reliefs and massive statue of Ramesses III. If you don’t want to miss all this and much more then hurry and book flight tickets to Luxor now.

Airline Tickets to Luxor (LXR) starting from just £470 GBP

Egypt air is the most frequent flyer between London Heathrow and Luxor. Apart from this other airlines on this route are Lufthansa, Austrian, SWISS, Turkish Airlines and Emirates. The most popular connecting cities when flying from Manchester United Kingdom to Luxor is Cairo. Major airports connecting both the destinations are London Heathrow and Luxor International Airport.


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