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Flight tickets to Naples

Cheap flights to Naples


Naples the regional capital of Campania is the third largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan. The residents of Naples are called Neapolitans or in Italian Napoletano. The city is full of energy with a wealth of cultural attractions which is extraordinary. On a visit to this beautiful destination you will find it magical, full of colours, flavours, culture and history which are beautifully interwoven with a charming mix of knowledge, joy and fun. So hurry! Don’t miss an opportunity to visit this beautiful city by booking tickets to Naples and surely you will feel spellbound by its magnetic charisma. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Naples with Flight Office.

It is a lively and vibrant city with close proximity to many interesting sites such as Bay of Naples, Pompeii etc which makes it a good base to explore some interesting sites in the area. It is a home to 448 historical churches, 3 castles, longest funicular lines in the world which carries around over 10 million passengers annually, along with artistic treasures, narrow cobbled streets, beautiful shopping avenues etc making it worth at least a few days visit. Start your trip to this magnificent city with a visit to the Naples Harbor which is a waterfront and a historic gateway to the Mediterranean and the world is always bustling with activity. Stroll here and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the surroundings. Visit the Pompeii the ancient city that set in the shadow of Mountain Vesuvius which was highly advanced and extensive and was destroyed at its peak due to the volcanic eruption in 79AD. If you are an art lover then Museo Archeologico Nazionale holds the world’s finest collection of antiquities and treasures of kings which all make it a worth visit attraction.

Fly to Naples and visit its oldest castle the Castle of Egg for the breathtaking views of its ramparts. The castle is a home to the Ethno-Prehistory Museum which houses a collection of ceramics, earthenware and metal artifacts. Don’t miss a visit to a long and narrow street that bisects the historic center of Naples, Spaccanapoli and gives visitors a sneak peek at the sights and attractions of this vibrant southern capital city. Do visit the second-century Catacombs of San Gennaro which is like the Roman Catacombs are actually three different cemeteries that have blended together over the years are adorned with frescoes and pictures of saints and families. Don’t miss a visit to Naples Cathedral dedicated to the city’s primary patron Saint San Gennaro, the Duomo di Napoli. It best known for the ceremony held with its magnificent structure three times in a year. If you truly want to experience the actual colours of Naples then do visit the street of Santa Lucia. Located on the west of the Piazza Del Plebiscito, this district is adorned with a myriad of narrow cobbled streets, cafes, restaurants, shops etc offer you glimpses of Neapolitan life. So if you don’t want to miss all this and much more then do visit Naples.

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Naples International Airport receives flights from a range of budget to premium airlines. Several airlines that offer flights from London to Naples such as EasyJet, Ryanair, KLM, Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Swiss International, British Airways, Austrian Airlines etc. The commercial airports in the United Kingdom from where one can get flights to Naples are Manchester, London Heathrow and Birmingham.


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