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Amman is the capital and most populous city of Jordan situated in the north-central Jordan is the administrative center of the country as well. Being mostly a creation of 20th century it is a youthful modernized and vibrant Arab city where you can enjoy the Middle East experience. It is a major tourist destination in the region mainly for the Arab and European tourists and fascinates them with its easy going nature. This constantly developing city represents a stark contrast between east and west which is renowned for its delicious food and incredible people. So make a plan and book flights to Amman a diverse and cosmopolitan city which is home to sizable communities which all make it a cultural melting pot. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Amman with Flight Office.

Major attractions in Amman

If you are a history buff then Amman is a perfect destination for you. Its centuries of history are perched atop Jebel-al-Qala’s which is the highest hill where ancient Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad ruins make the area known as Citadel is among the top attractions of the city. Explore Jabal Al Weibdeh which is an intellectual hub of the city is home to its well-known artists, writers etc. Its must-see landmarks include Paris Square, Darat Al Funun and Khali Shoman Foundation the leading institution in the region. The Downtown Amman is the heart of the city which sits in the middle of the surrounding seven hills is a great place to learn more about the country and its people. Do visit the Grand Husseini Mosque which is located in the center of Downtown where locals gather to pray throughout the day. If you are a foodie then treat your taste buds with delicious delicacies of Amman next to King Hussein Mosque and do visit the Soul Al-Sukar or Sugar Market. Do visit the Roman Amphitheatre which lie in the heart of Downtown is also the landmark of the city and now days used for cultural events.

Best time to visit Amman

Jordan is a year-round destination. It is small in size but with great variations in weather. The weather and climate in Jordan vary dramatically and depends on location and altitude. In summers few areas like Jordan Valley and the desert is blisteringly hot while other times of the year it can be freezing cold. The best time to visit Amman is during the spring time from the months of March to May when the temperature is pleasant, wildflowers are everywhere and the hills and valleys become gorgeously colorful.

Airline Tickets to Amman (AMM) starting from just £349 GBP

If you are planning a holiday trip to Amman and looking for cheap flights then you can select from multiple airlines such as British Airways, Emirates, Royal Jordanian, American Airlines, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Austrian, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Oman Air and Qatar Airways etc are the prominent one. There are 36 direct flights between London and Amman per week, averaging 5 per day. From London to Amman Sunday is the cheapest day to fly whereas Wednesday is the most expensive one.

Tips for travelling in Amman

Jordon offers a great introduction to those who are travelling first time to the Middle East as the country represents a perfect balance of cultural aspects and modernity. Amman is a vibrant cosmopolitan city where the widely spoken language is Arabic but people do understand the English as well. Despite its location, it is safe to visit Amman where hospitality reigns supreme and violent crimes are extremely rare. Jordan is a Muslim majority country but here the people of different religions like Christianity, Jew and various beliefs also coexist peacefully. There is no law that women should wear hijab but there is an expectation that they should dress respectfully. Alcohol is legal here but smoking is more common.


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