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Windhoek is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Namibia which is located in central Namibia. It is a modern and well- groomed city that attracts visitors to enjoy an escape from the daily rigors of life. The city has 300 days of sunshine per year and the travellers who so ever visit it experience the warm balmy weather making it a prime location to visit. Another fascination thing that attracts most of the visitors towards it is star gazing. Namibia is considered as the third best place in the world to see the stars and show another world hidden within the Namibian sky. So whatever the reason may be the city never fails to allure you. So make a plan and book the best deal flight to Windhoek and enjoy a fabulous holiday trip. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Windhoek with Flight Office.

There is hardly any place better than Windhoek where you can experience nature in its full glory. There are so many beautiful gardens where you can easily enjoy the whole day. Visit the Tintenpalast Gardens which is a popular picnic spot to enjoy various fun-filled activities. Do visit the lungs of the city the National Botanical Gardens off Sam Nujoma Avenue. Spreading across 12 hectares the garden is presented in its natural form is full of exotic and indigenous beautiful herbs, bushes, plants and trees. One must spend some refreshing time at the Avis Dam Nature Reserve located 2 Km from the city where you can go on a nature trail, enjoy bird watching or feel rejuvenated in the Lap of Mother Nature. Enjoy a visit to the unusual Lutheran Church which is the most famous landmark and sometimes used as a symbol for the city and was initially named “Church of Peace”.

Enjoy a visit to Alte Feste or the Old Fortress which is one of the oldest buildings in the city with the initial purpose to accommodate German military forces during the colonial times. Nowadays it serves as a museum hosting National Museum of Namibia. In the close vicinity to Windhoek, just 24 Km in the western direction is located the Daan Viljoen Park in the Khomas Hochland is the conservation area of many game species and birds which you can easily explore without a guide. The park also offers accommodation facilities, hiking tours and campsites for overnight visitors. Located just 10 Kilometers away from the city center, Heroes Acre was opened in 2002 is the war memorial intended to commemorate national heroes some of which are buried on the premises is a nice addition to the major attractions of Windhoek. Do visit the Namibia Craft Center the venue that supports and hosts many Namibian enterprises focus on local art and craft is a place to buy local souvenirs from all corners of the country. You surely love to visit the Omba Gallery which has some of the finest displays of paintings by the local as well as international artists. So don’t miss all these beautiful attractions and book best deal discounted flights to Windhoek to visit all of them and much more.

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There are multiple airlines that offer flight service between the United Kingdom to Windhoek the most prominent among them are Qatar Airways, South African Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Lufthansa etc. But there is no direct flight between both the destinations. Qatar Airline is the most frequent flyer on this route. So if you are looking for best deal flights to Windhoek from the United Kingdom then offers you the best.


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