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Flight tickets to Muscat

Cheap flights to Muscat


Muscat is the capital and the largest city of Oman. It also serves as the seat of the Government of Muscat. It is wedged between the rocky western Al Hajar Mountains and the Arabian Sea the city has a character which is quite distinct from its neighbouring capitals. The city is quite conservative in nature which has still retained all of its old world charms and offers its visitors a warm sense of Omani hospitality which they cherish throughout their lives. It is one of Arabia’s prettiest cities it is quite famous for its dazzling souks, superb seafood and scenic beauty which are among its major attractions. So just make a plan, pack your bags and fly to Muscat. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Muscat with Flight Office.

Major attractions in Muscat

Muscat is the most beautiful city of Oman and offer its visitors plenty of reasons to visit it and explore its major attractions. Do visit the Al Qurum beach which is one of the most famous suburbs and a naturally attractive spot of the city which is known for the spectacular beach which is its top natural attraction and top destination to visit in Muscat. During his 45 years of rule Oman’s Sultan Qaboos has constructed various magnificent buildings the prominent among them is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Male visitors should wear long sleeves and trousers and women should cover from collarbones to below the knee and need to wrap their head with a scarf. If you want to capture the glimpses of Omani culture then a visit to Muttrah is must for you. The souk is a labyrinth of ceramics, traditional jewellery, camel themed souvenirs, Pashmina wool and leather goods etc. If you want to taste the scrumptious freshest seafood then Blue Marlin Restaurant is just a perfect destination for you. Do visit the Al Alam Palace which is one of the six royal residences of the Sultan Qaboos is renowned for its elegant style and 200 years old history.

Best time to visit Muscat

Muscat is situated just above the Tropic of Cancer and thus has a warm climate. It remains sunny and humid throughout the year. So the scorching heat in the months from June to August must be avoided. The best time to visit Muscat is ideally during the winters months from November to March. The weather is at its most pleasant from October through April when temperatures are warm but cooler than the sweltering summer months. If you want to experience the rich Omani cultural heritage then the month of January is ideal for you.

Airline Tickets to Muscat (MCT) starting from just £349 GBP

There are various airlines that offer cheap flights connecting London to Muscat. The major airlines include Ethiad, Oman Air, Pegasus Airlines, British Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, KLM, Emirates, Lufthansa, SWISS and Kuwait Airways etc. There are 21 direct flights between London Heathrow and Muscat averaging 3 per day. From London to Muscat Thursday is the cheapest day to fly whereas Sunday is the most expensive one.

Travel tips to Muscat

Before a journey to Muscat, one should thoroughly know the culture and traditions of the city to avoid any hassles. All the public institutions feature different windows for men and women and thus one should be very attentive and not violate the local regulations. In a taxi, women can travel only sitting on the back seat as front seats are meant for men only. The people of Oman are deeply religious and this applies to how they dressed and behave in public as well. Omani men wear a dishdasha which is a long piece of white or colorful cloth and Kummah which is Omani traditional cap. Women over here usually wear a black abaya and a scarf that cover their heads. Visitors are not allowed to wear swimsuits on public beaches. Arabic is the official language of Oman but English is also well spoken and understood over here.


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