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Peshawar is the liveliest cities of Pakistan situated in the central Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, northern Pakistan. It has evolved into one of the most ethnically diverse and modern cities of the country with a significant increase in urban population. It has been admired for its marvellous beauty by many poets and rulers. It has its own unique trend and culture which fascinate its visitors. The city is also known for its historic and cultural value because throughout its history it has seen many invaders and travellers passing by it. There is always something happen in this culturally vibrant city and if you want to witness this and much more just grab best deal flights to Peshawar and explore its rich cultural heritage and splendid beauty. Search and compare cheap flights from London to Peshawar with Flight Office.

There is a lot that you can see and enjoy during your tour of this city. Visit the Khyber Pass which is one of the oldest passes in the world that connects Pakistan to Afghanistan and has been served as a gate for trading across Asia. Tourists love to pass through this and are a great way to accomplish the tourism expedition of the city. Another attraction of the city is Sethi Houses which was the residence of Sethi family who were Hindu traders and considered as the richest family of their times. The houses are situated in the Mohallah Sethiyan and are renowned for their architectural brilliance which is a combination of Gandhara and Central Asian civilizations. Being an important border city there is always lots of activity going on over here in its various bazaars. Among them Kissa Khawani Bazaar or the Story tellers Bazaar is most interesting. The bazaar is a hub of trading in the city and has its own unique charm. IF you don’t want to miss all these happenings and much more just fly to Peshawar now and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

Do visit the Bala Hisar Fort which is among the most significant locates of the city. The fort was built by Mughal Emperor Babur after conquering Peshawar in 1526. Jamrud Fort is also among the major attractions of the city. It was constructed by Hari singh Nalwa the commanding officer of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Enjoy a visit to Peshawar Museum which is among the popular museums in South East Asia mainly due to its Buddhist monuments of Gandhara Era and its core collection of arms, costumes, Gandharan statues, coins and documents etc. Visit the Chowk Yadgar which is another amusing place to visit is the central square of the Old Peshawar remember the heroes of the war between Pakistan and India is the reunion place for the old men.

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